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The Heartspace Healing Academy was founded in 2016 beginning as a space for those ready to embrace becoming their own best healer. I, Kelly Keefe, was led to Reiki in 2012 in a very serendipitous way and my life has never been the same sense. It is now the mission of Heartspace to help create coherency, live in love, align with your Higher Self, sustain an elevated vibration with those who are ready to rise!


Using almost a decade of study, world travel for study and teaching, work with indigenous elders, initiations, creative expression, and guiding individuals and groups into a higher version of themselves... it's a privilege and a honor to have you with us here today!


Whether you are looking for healing, stepping on your healing path, igniting your full power, or helping your children thrive from the start in their authentic selves...

Welcome, you have arrived.

Trainings & Journeys

Work with Kelly in 1:1 or group settings to eleate your vibrational field, learn new modalities to optimize your spiritual connection and live in alignment with your Highest Self.

Upcoming Journeys:

-Reiki Level 1 Training

-1:1 12-week Embodiment Journey

-8-Week Group You Are The Medicine Journey


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality where the Universal Life Force energy of pure love and light restores balance to the mental, emotional, and physical body helping optimize the spiritual body. Reiki elevates our baseline frequency supporting in heightened intuition, positive thinking, and connection with our highest selves.

Heartspace Kids

The Heartspace Healing Academy offers programming for the leaders of our future! Children are ready willing and able to embrace the magic that lies within them. Heartspace Kids offers group and 1:1 containers for learning:

-Reiki Healing

-Connecting With Nature

-Creative Expression For Challenging Emotions

What Previous Clients Have Said...

I set a commitment to work with Kelly for a 3 month journey with reiki and I can’t give her enough credit and appreciation for the light and healing she has brought into my life. Since meeting her I have gained multiple promotions in the types of work I’ve accepted and I now have an incredible partner that I found along the way. Did Kelly physically go out and get those things for me? Not exactly. But what she provided me under the surface is invaluable.

-Rene S.

"I just have gone through so much healing this year. I now own and honor myself in different ways that I never thought I could. Kelly came across my life in a moment where I really needed her and she appeared and the container she created with our training allowed me to meet a lot of beautiful souls. Though we spent a limited amount of time together, the bonds that were created were so deep and powerful and do some collective healing. I feel so aligned with myself and able to relate to others in a beautiful way every day."

-Michelle C


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