Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality where the Universal Life Force energy of pure love and light restores balance to the mental, emotional, and physical body helping optimize the spiritual body. Reiki elevates our baseline frequency supporting in heightened intuition, positive thinking, and connection with our highest selves.

Higher Self



As multifaceted beings walking through this journey of life, we have the ability to connect with the highest version of ourselves for guidance, wisdom, gifts, and ongoing support. In this journey, we will connect and commune with your higher self and other guides to open lines of communication. Additional tools, resources, and journeys will be provided to develop a potent open channel of communication and merging with this verison of yourself.

Rise Above


Fear is an state of being that constrains us from living and loving fully. Let's unravel the understandings and programming of fear can have in our lives. Together we will name the fears, untangle and heal whats unresolved, and thrive forward in a fearless and loving way. All journeyers of Rise Above Fear also receive a copy of the Kelly's book, Rise Above Fear, available on the resources page.


The Heartspace is 5,000x more powerful than any other part of your

electromagnetic field. The more we can activate and live from this

space, the more aligned and in your power you will thrive!

What do you do when you are unsure where to turn next?

Where do you turn when you're ready to be your own best healer?


The answer is always the Heartspace. 

Kelly serves as a bridge between heaven on Earth. Through Reiki, 

Higher Self Channeling, Rise Above Fear Coaching,

and Shamanic Healing practices she works with you to transform

your reality to the higher timelines and alignments possible for you

in this human experience







Michelle C. 

"I just have gone through so much healing this year. I now own and honor myself in different ways that I never thought I could. Kelly came across my life in a moment where I really needed her and she appeared and the container she created with our training allowed me to meet a lot of beautiful souls. Though we spent a limited amount of time together, the bonds that were created were so deep and powerful and do some collective healing. I feel so aligned with myself and able to relate to others in a beautiful way every day."


Karina G.

I love Kelly, she is an amazing healer! After just 3 sessions I've felt a big shift both physically and emotionally. She has helped me release blocks and negative energy that was holding me back from being the best version of myself. I haven't felt this good in a while - my spirit is lighter, I'm getting a lot more sleep and I'm less stressed. I feel blessed to have her guiding me in this journey.

Renee S.

I set a commitment to work with Kelly for a 3 month journey with reiki and I can’t give her enough credit and appreciation for the light and healing she has brought into my life. Since meeting her I have gained multiple promotions in the types of work I’ve accepted and I now have an incredible partner that I found along the way. Did Kelly physically go out and get those things for me? Not exactly. But what she provided me under the surface is invaluable...

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