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Why is there so much emphasis on the Heartspace anyways?

The electromagnetic field around the heart is 5000x more powerful than any other part of the body.

The more we can access this power point and live within our power - the more our lives reflect our truest of desires.


Heartspace Healing Academy is a home for:

- Reiki Healing

- Reiki Trainings ( for adults & children)

- Empathy, Alignment, & Energy Mastery

- 1:1 Coaching Programs To Optimize Flow & Alignment


Together, we embark on your unique path and help you achieve your goals by

breaking through barriers, improving your energy levels, and activate your magic.

Are You Ready To Rise Above Fear?


In the latest book, Rise Above Fear, Kelly will guide you through understanding what exactly fear is and how we can learn to befriend it to rise into our highest selves living a life we truly desire.

Techniques and methods within this book are used in the 1:1 coaching, group transformation experiences, and professional development trainings.

Shivonne H. 

Kelly has been an amazing guide through this wonderful, magical journey. Within a few sessions, I have begun manifesting, and the high vibes and support from Kelly have been priceless. I always knew there was more

Renee S.

I set a commitment to work with Kelly for a 3 month journey with reiki and I can’t give her enough credit and appreciation for the light and healing she has brought into my life. Since meeting her I have gained multiple promotions in the types of work I’ve accepted and I now have an incredible partner that I found along the way. Did Kelly physically go out and get those things for me? Not exactly. But what she provided me under the surface is invaluable...

Karina G.

Michelle C. 

I love Kelly, she is an amazing healer! After just 3 sessions I've felt a big shift both physically and emotionally. She has helped me release blocks and negative energy that was holding me back from being the best version of myself. I haven't felt this good in a while - my spirit is lighter, I'm getting a lot more sleep and I'm less stressed. I feel blessed to have her guiding me in this journey.

"I just have gone through so much healing this year. I now own and honor myself in different ways that I never thought I could. Kelly came across my life in a moment where I really needed her and she appeared and the container she created with our training allowed me to meet a lot of beautiful souls. Though we spent a limited amount of time together, the bonds that were created were so deep and powerful and do some collective healing. I feel so aligned with myself and able to relate to others in a beautiful way every day."


Kelly Keefe

Kelly Keefe is a Reiki Master Teacher & Transformation guide serving clients worldwide.  Kelly Keefe is an international Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Ceremonialist, Author,  and Transformation Guide. She has taught and served in countries including USA, Paris, Mexico, and Amsterdam.

Kelly has dedicated hundreds of hours to understanding the power of the heartspace, energetic realities, and mastering life through vibration. She has been a student of Vibrational Medicine with a focus on the hear for about a decade and teachers include Mayan Elders, Ushua Dobhal, Alisha Frankowitz, Apache Elders, and more. She is committed to providing most divine practice she can share with each client. Here book, Rise Above Fear, is now available on Amazon. 

Kelly is known for her vibrant positive energy, unconditional

 loving nature, and warm full hugs full of love. Her journey of life provided the opportunity to experience much adversity and struggles, that led to finding personal development, reiki, and spirituality. Through her learnings, she was led to genuine inner happiness that is now a mission to share with every person she crosses paths with daily.

She is about helping to add positive energy to the world every way she can. She has studied with indigenous elders around the world including the Mayans and Apache leaders, reiki masters in the US and India, and a student of shamanic practices and tantra. Her collection of knowledge, wisdom, and experience will help you embody your full power and rise to the life you are ready to step into.

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