I was fortunate to work with Kelly during a Reiki I attunement process, as well as receive a reiki treatment with her. During the reiki treatment, I could "see" dark energies leaving my body, and she found blocks in my right shoulder that have needed some love for quite some time. After the attunement and treatments, I have noticed a large shift in my own personal energies, but also in how I view the world. I know that is a big claim, but it is true. Without this gift, I would not have been able to heal many things in my life, and I am very grateful to have found Kelly and Heartspace. Kelly is one of the warmest, most trustworthy practitioners I have met in this space, and I very much appreciate her warmth, strength, and abilities. She is the real deal.

Meg Bouchie

I set a commitment to work with Kelly for a 3 month journey with reiki and I can’t give her enough credit and appreciation for the light and healing she has brought into my life. Since meeting her I have gained multiple promotions in the types of work I’ve accepted and I now have an incredible partner that I found along the way. Did Kelly physically go out and get those things for me? Not exactly. But what she provided me under the surface is invaluable. She has taught me that everything that I want is in my reach, the power of my words, and to speak what I want into existence. She has taught me to love where I’m at, that my happiness doesn’t have to benefit anyone but myself and to help me acknowledge the things that weren’t actually making me happy. I’ve let go of so much pain and insecurity that I was holding onto. The greatest part? None of it felt like work. Since meeting her, I manifest better realities everyday.

Renee Shubert

"I love Kelly, she is an amazing healer! After just 3 sessions I've felt a big shift both physically and emotionally. She has helped me release blocks and negative energy that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. I haven't felt this good in a while - my spirit is lighter, I'm getting a lot more sleep and I'm less stressed. I feel blessed to have her guiding me in this journey".

Karina Gardner

Kelly is the ultimate healer. She is incredibly gifted and intuitive about helping people with energy blocks. I've been in her reiki sessions as well as group workshops "cacao ceremony" learning about deep healing and empowerment. During ceremony the activations of the cacao helps me to understand myself at a very deep level because my heart chakra is open. Everyone should try cacao ceremony in this lifetime. After every session, I always sleep so much better and I felt completely resolved, physically and emotionally. 

I would highly recommend Kelly to everyone and can't wait to work with her in the future! Definitely worth it!

Paula Jones

I was amazed by the powerful session. During the session, I felt jolts in my body of energy and had many thoughts and images come through to me. After the session was completed, there was an extreme lightness in my head and body. I felt like I was floating. In the days following, I felt a deeper connection with all the people I was close to, especially my girlfriend. Things seemed to flow a little easier and communication was much more open. Overall, it was a powerful experience, and I'm thankful to Kelly for her ongoing support.

Alex S

Kelly has been an amazing guide through this wonderful, magical journey. Within a few sessions, I have begun manifesting, and the high vibes and support from Kelly have been priceless. I always knew there was more.

Shivonne Hope

"I just have gone through so much healing this year. I now own and honor myself in different ways that I never thought I could. Kelly came across my life in a moment where I really needed her and she appeared and the container she created with our training allowed me to meet a lot of beautiful souls. Though we spent a limited amount of time together, the bonds that were created were so deep and powerful and do some collective healing. I feel so aligned with myself and able to relate to others in a beautiful way every day."



Michelle Cameo

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