It’s completely natural to experience fear and come up against resistance whenever we are moving more into our power. However, we are here to continue to grow, expand, and live fully with the life our heart truly desires.What if we can truly learn to befriend and overcome our fear? Rather than fall into patterns of self-sabotage, unworthiness, or procrastination… we began to use that fear as fuel to break through to the other side? What if this offering itself was actually the key to living in alignment with our soul?Kelly Keefe, reiki master,transformation guide, comedian, ceremonialist, and spiritual guide, has created a roadmap to befriending fear and moving into your most empowered state of being. Her guidance is provided through understanding, applicable practices, personal story, science, and humor. This book is a bridge of the grounded understandings of our inner-world, helping to connect and expand into something beyond. The more we learn to fear less, connect with something bigger, and allow for more love--a new level of empowerment, creativity, and divinity begins to shine through.

Book: Rise Above Fear


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