Alignment is a state of being. When we are in alignment we experience life with more ease, grace, and enjoyment. We are also able to manifest the things we truly desire quickly. Are you ready to Live In Alignment? Do you want to raise your vibration and upgrade your life with other like-minded beings among community? Do you desire the accountability to stay with your practices to really move through the transformation your soul is seeking?


On this journey, we will come together to create a clear vision, shift into alignment with your highest self, and manifest your heart's truest desires. This is a powerful journey that we take as a group while honoring everyone's unique and individual journey. You will learn better understanding of what it means to be an energetic being, how to raise our frequency, and the keys to spiritual manifestations.


The first round of this course was epic and transformational for all, and Kelly is buzzing with excitement for this next round because we turned up the dial even more! This journey will also include astrology and human design teaches with experts Dorothea Lucaci & Kiera Doyle.


The Vibrational Medicine Kit is also packed with high vibe conscious products that will help support you through your day to day life. Are you ready to vibe higher and live in alignment? Us too. Let's do it together.


All students will receive:

-A Weekly Lesson w/ Written Guide

-Weekly Group Session via Zoom

-Facebook Community to Connect & Journey Together

-Human Design Chart & Masterclass

-Astrology Chart & Masterclass '

-One Free 1:1 Coaching Call with Kelly

-Distant Reiki


Additional Resource Bundle:

-Vibrational Medicine Welcome Kit

-Self-Discovery Charts & Tools

-Free Copy of Kelly's new book, "Rise Above Fear"


Let's Rise & Shine Together <3 


If you are ready to enroll and need a payment plan option - please email Kelly at, to set that up

Living In Alignment 8-Week Course


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