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Stepping Into The Healer Within

The Heartspace Healing Academy provides trainings and online courses to help students heal themselves and embrace the calling they hear within to become a healer for others. We offer trainings in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and Ceremonial Cacao Facilitation at this time. Intensives, extended programs, and online trainings are all available through the academy.


Ignite The Magic Within

The Heartspace Healing Academy offers trainings and courses in the healing hearts empowering all of their students to embrace the power and magic that lies within. All students receive high level education, ongoing support, and community. Heartspace Academy takes great pride in offering a supportive community that includes online forum, community meet-ups, hands-on experiences, and continued education offerings.


Begins January 2019

Alignment is a state of being. When we are in alignment we experience life with more ease, grace, and enjoyment. We are also able to manifest the things we truly desire quickly. Are you ready to Live In Alignment? On this journey, we will come together to create a clear vision, shift into alignment with your highest self, and manifest your heart's truest desires.

All students will receive:
-Vibrational Medicine Welcome Kit

-Weekly Lesson

-Weekly Group Session

-Distant Reiki

-Facebook Community

-One Free 1:1 Coaching Call


You Are Your Own Healer

Reiki is a healing art modality that allows us to access and channel the Universal Life Force energy through ourselves and out of our hands. Reiki provides healing and restored balance to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. In Level 1 Reiki you will learn the history and principles of Reiki, the daily practice, and how to share Reiki with animals and plants. All students receive a Level 1 attunement, manual, certificate of completion, and on-going community support


Becoming A Practioner

As the next step from Reiki Level 1, we deepen our knowings and abilities in our LEvel2 course. In Reiki Level 2, students receive their 3 sacred Reiki symbols, learn how to share reiki on others, learn the art of distant reiki and other advanced healing techniques. Hands on practice time is including in the training. All students will receive a manual, certificate of completion, and ongoing community support.

*All students must have completed a Level 2 training to be eligible to enroll in this course.


Holding Space For Opening Hearts

Ceremonial Cacao is known as the Sacred Medicine of the Heart in the Mayan Culture. Cacao, chocolate in its purest form, nourishes us on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Cacao can be done in private or group ceremony. In this course, we learn about this Food of the Gods, How To Work With Her, and How To Properly Share In Ceremony


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